High Definition Projector Rental

HD Projector Rental

HD Projectors Come With A Standard Lens.

We Carry Number Of Special Lenses For Various Situations.

Short Throw Lenses Are Better Than Long Throw (In General)


Basic HD Projector

Basic HD Projector

Group Size: 1-500

Lumens: 3600
Contrast: 2200:1
Optoma TX1080

Deluxe Projector A

Deluxe Projector A

Group Size: 1-2000

Lumens:8000 HD
Contrast: 7500:1
Sanyo PDG-DHT8000L

Elite HD projector

Elite HD projector

Group Size: 5000

Lumens: 18000
Contrast: 2100
Barco HDX-W18

Barco 26000

Barco 26000

For Staging and events
Controllable brightness
HDQ-4K Projector
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35K 4K Barco Projector

Short Throw Projector Rental

Short Throw Projector

Lens is 0.52:1

Our ProcessIn 3 Simple Steps

Professional courteous assistant over the phone

Step 1

Call or send us an email of the list of the things you need.

Step 2

Once we receive your email, we send you a quote as a pdf. If you like, you can go online and pay for the estimate.

Step 3

Once we receive the payment, we will send you a confirmation and you are all set at this point.